Well this is my gallery, I have more info on my about page... but heres where ill give info for those just poping in to look.
This is a gallery only, all cels are NFS.Oh yeah btw

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6/12/2011Well karma can feel sated since i have these rescans of jpgs that were lost and new things to upload an it wont let me do it >_<
6/8/2011Oh man, Karma is really gonna screw me at some point this week or next week. Cuz it might be just me but ive had a really awesome start to this month! Welcome John Blackstar and his Dragon Warlock image to be loaded when the servers not being stubborn
6/7/20113 New cels 2 Effing sweet Arshes ones and a hot goldenboy! Woot
6/5/2011Well it's not a grand up date but new series and its an uncommon one to boot! Welcome Gargoyles Demona sketch! Heres to hopeing more are on the way

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Title Last Updated
All Dogs Go to Heaven 8/20/2005
Bastard 6/7/2011
Batman : The Animated Series 8/11/2005
Battle Athens 5/2/2005
Big O 5/23/2005
Blackstar 6/8/2011
Blue Gender 5/2/2005
BraveStarr 1/4/2006
Burn Up-W 5/2/2005
Captain N: The Game Master 8/26/2005
Card Captor Sakura 7/27/2005
Cellu Club 8/27/2005
Conan the Adventurer 8/29/2005
Crimson Wolf 5/4/2005
Cybuster 5/2/2005
Dilbert 9/6/2005
Dragon Knight 4 8/26/2005
Dragon Pink 7/13/2005
Dragonball 8/10/2005
Dragonball GT 7/21/2005
Dragonball Z 9/12/2005
Earthworm Jim 1/4/2006
Flame of Rekka 10/29/2005
G.I. Joe 8/10/2005
Gargoyles 6/5/2011
Generator Gawl 5/2/2005
Ghost in the Shell 5/2/2005
Ghostbusters 8/21/2005
Gigantor (Tetsujin 28) 8/30/2005
Golden Boy 1 Computer Studies 5/18/2005
Golden Boy 2 Temptation of the Maiden 5/5/2005
Golden Boy 3 Danger The Virgins First Love 5/23/2005
Golden Boy 4 Swimming in the Sea of Love 6/2/2005
Golden Boy 5 B@!!s to the Wall 5/23/2005
Golden Boy 6 Animation is Fun 6/7/2011
Golden Boy Opening Sequence 5/3/2005
Gundam Wing 8/10/2005
Heman 1/14/2006
I'll Make a Habit of It 1/16/2006
Inuyasha 8/26/2005
Jo Jo's Bizzare Adventure 5/21/2005
King Arthur and the Knights of Justice 9/2/2005
Knights of Lamune 40 9/1/2005
Knights of Ramune 5/2/2005
La Blue Girl 8/26/2005
Legend of Zelda 11/6/2005
Little Nemo Slumberland 1/17/2006
Macross "Do You Remember Love?" 5/2/2005
Mis-CEL-laneous 10/29/2005
Moncolle Knights 1/16/2006
My Little Pony 10/13/2005
Ninja Cadets /Ninja Mono 5/2/2005
Ninja Scroll 5/23/2005
Photon 8/2/2005
Pirates of Darkwater 9/30/2005
Plastic Little 5/2/2005
Pryde of the X-Men 11/13/2005
Ranma 1/2 10/29/2005
Record of Lodoss Wars 5/2/2005
Record of Lodoss Wars TV 8/23/2005
Reign the Conqueror 8/26/2005
Robot Carnival-A Tale of Two Robots 5/4/2005
RoujinZ 5/3/2005
Sailormoon 8/10/2005
Sailormoon - S 9/11/2005
Samuria Pizza Cats 9/11/2005
Shera 5/2/2005
Sketches /Douga 10/22/2005
Sonic the Hedgehog 11/6/2005
Sorcerer Hunters 7/20/2005
Spawn ( HBO ) 8/29/2005
Street Fighter 9/1/2005
Technoman /Tekkaman Blade 8/30/2005
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 6/20/2005
Tenchi 10/29/2005
Tenchi in Tokyo 5/2/2005
The Adventures of The Super Mario Brothers 8/26/2005
The Wizard of OZ: Journy Back to OZ 10/25/2005
Thundercats 8/29/2005
Trigun 6/18/2005
Twin Angels/Dolls 1/4/2006
Vampire Hunter D BloodLust 5/12/2005
Varible Geo 10/29/2005
Voltron 8/2/2005
Wordsworth 8/20/2005
X-Men 7/20/2005
Yu-gi-oh 9/21/2005

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